Central Ohio HO Racing Association

Race Night

A few members of C.O.HO.R.A.

Sean is currently racing with this group, Central Ohio HO Racing Association.(COHORA) Founded in October of 2003, Sean has been racing with this group since it’s inception.

Sean did take a small hiatus when Adam was born. When he returned in 2013, trying to keep the old Pocono Monster up and running was quite a task. The rails were rusting, the table had seen it’s better days. Everything was deteriorating. Time for a new Pocono!!!

Sean’s New Track: 


Money’s Pocono Roadcourse V1

This track can be made into several different configurations. This is Roadcourse V1… Fun & challenging, Sean needed tight turns to be able to practice for other tracks on the COHORA circuit.

Other additional Layouts:

Pocono Tri-Oval

This is the original blueprint for the Tri-Oval from Paul with MaxTrax!


Pocono Roadcourse Version 1 blueprint!


Pocono Roadcourse Version 2 blueprint!




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