Class Project -Blog #1

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Dude! I ordered pizza in class!!! 🙂


A Few of My Favorite Blogs

Slot Blog

Slot Blog header image

Slot Blog dot Net

SlotBlog.Net is the ultimate slot car blog for EVERYTHING slot car! This site gives you all the information that you need for all of the different racing scales.

Here are some links for examples of the different racing scales. 1:24, 1:32, & HO(1:64)

This site covers them all.  shows the good old “vintage” slot cars and cars that are being produced today. All of the information that you need right at your fingertips about everything slot cars. 

This site takes a little different approach than the way I want my site to be like.  “Money’s Tjet Builder Site”  is more defined to one type of slot car, as this site is on a wider, broader slot car topic. At, there are a ton of links and many pages, and it’s very in-depth for such a larger site. 

The colors are great. It has a nice layout for as much information that SlotBlog has. is set up very well & is the best blog by far, for any slot car enthusiast. Perfect for anybody trying to get into slot car racing, no matter what size scale. Cool Graphics, not “over done”.. The setup is very user friendly.


Slot car News

Slot Car News Header Image

Slot Car News 

This is a very cool site simple design, simple layout! When you search for Slot Car News, it appears as though you’re actually going to some news website about slot cars right? I was thinking it was taking me to a page about national news for slot cars! Nope, just a great group of racers in Central Illinois having some fun, fellowship & great racing! These guys race 1:24 scale cars!

Thumbs Up!

Thumbs Up!

GREAT TITLE! The title was well done, because it made you think that you were headed to a different place. Instead you see a group of folk’s having fun racing just like my Slot Car Racing Club: C.O.HO.R.A. (Central Ohio HO Racing Association)!

This group races often! They update their blog every time they race, which keeps the blog active! *Thumbs Up! I like the way they have the sponsors on the right hand side, up at the very top of their page. It shows importance. They have some contributors there also and give you some other links to click on. 


Best AFX Blog

Scotts Header Image

Scotts Aurora AFX Slot Cars

My third favorite blog is Scott’s Aurora AFX Slot Car Blog! This blog site is all about racing Aurora AFX Slot Cars. The page setup is perfect for me. Scott has great photo’s & a ton of links.  Scott’s “Menu” on the left side, has so much information for anybody trying to set up an AFX Chassis.

Best AFX Blog

Scotts track and shelf queens…

Scott has a great page set up on the history of this chassis. Makes me want to have a history page for the TJet as well. The AFX is bigger, newer & faster than the TJet. It is a different chassis than the Thunder Jet (Tjet) Chassis that I am highlighting in my blog. The AFX Chassis is a 1970’s model. We race them in our C.O.HO.R.A.  group.  

Scott gives very good detailed “how-to’s”, to make the car faster quicker. So… good information to the user and thus, his site is set up really nice! I really like that he gives the do’s and don’ts on buying slot cars on eBay. He is looking out for everyone’s best interest! Who doesn’t love that??? 

Thank You!!

Someone looking out for everyone’s best interest?? 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read about some of my favorite blogs. Please stop by their blog site and leave a comment! I always like to let bloggers know which state I live in. Social media is cool like that. It’s fun to know where you’re from! 🙂

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