Class Project -Blog #2

C.O.HO.R.A. Slot Car Racing News Report

February 24th, 2018

Race #7 of 16 in the 2018 Winter/Spring C.O.HO.R.A. Racing Series was held at Eddie’s “Full Bunny” Raceway!

Throttle Control Speed

A Lawnmower Throttle Control icon. Describes “Slow speed”(Turtle) and “Fast Speed”(Bunny). This is how Eddie’s track got it’s name! -Full Bunny!

Eddie's "Full Bunny" Raceway

Eddie’s “Full Bunny” Raceway

Nine racers took to the track Saturday evening for an all out battle on Eddie’s “Full Bunny” bullring.

In attendance were John, Chris, Chase, Danny, Sean, Steve, Charlie, Rex & Eddie. Racing Super Stock/Fray(Modified) TJet’s.

The Full Bunny Raceway is made out of Tomy/AFX” race track and makes for some very close racing. Tomy/AFX racing track is a commercial made, sectional slot car track and has been around for several years. It is the best of all other commercial track because the electrical rails are consistent in height and the slot for the cars guide pin is the deepest. Pictured below, we see the comparison on how close the cars are next to each other on the Tomy/AFX track compared to the MaxTrax & the TKO track.

Track comparison

Here we are looking at how close the cars are on the track. The actual distance between the cars themselves. On the Tomy track, you can see that the rear tires almost touch!! MaxTrax has the widest distance between the cars!

MaxTrax’s racing width between the slot cars is the widest. The TKO’s width is in between Max’s & Tomy’s. Needless to say, Tomy/AFX track makes for some very close passing during green flag racing. Also a bunch of beating and banging in the turns which keeps the racers on the edge! As fancy as the MaxTrax & the TKO tracks are, racing on the old black track for me never gets old! You have to be very cautious where to pass cause the slot cars will touch in the turns! 

After the evening’s event wrapped up, I caught up with Charlie and asked him a few questions about the race. I am including my answers to the questions as well for comparison. 

*How many Super Stock TJets do you currently have?

Charlie: “My personal S.S. TJet collection, I currently have 3.”

Sean: “I currently have 6 S.S. TJets..”

*What was your decision behind the one you picked to race tonight?

Charlie: “The one I raced tonight, is what I call my “short track” car. It has a heavier front end and is just easier to control on the black plastic track.”

Sean: “I tried all six of my chassis’s and the one I chose to race wasn’t the fastest, but it seemed to handle better than the other 5!”

*Did you build the car you raced tonight yourself?

Charlie: “No I did not, I bought the car from Hiram Durant”. (Hiram Durant is one of the best S.S. TJet builders on the East Coast & a founding member of E.C.HO.R.R..)

Sean: “Yes, I did build this chassis. I built it last year for the Ohio Cup but ended up not racing it because one of my other chassis was a bit faster and handled better on those tracks. Plus the tires were still brand new. They still had the shine on them.”

*Your thoughts about the race evening heading into the first round of Qualifying?

Charlie: “I knew it was going to be close because everyone was very close in speed. Everyone was evenly matched. I knew it was going to be a close evening. I knew my car was doing good. It was mostly a matter of being able to dial in my controller.”

Sean: “During warm-ups is where I gauge everyone’s cars by watching their lap times. This is when I get out on the track and check out my cars by comparing my lap times with theirs. Once I honed in on the chassis I was going to use, I felt pretty good about having a good night. Even though a few guys were quicker than me. (which is normal!)”

-Qualifying Rounds-

Each race evening, the C.O.HO.R.A. group of racers will run 2 Qualifying Rounds. The Qualifying Rounds are 2 minutes long, per lane. Each driver goes through all 4 lanes on the race track. Yellow, Blue, White & the Red Lane for a total of 8 minutes of racing. The driver tries his/her best to get their car the furthest, by covering as much distance on the track as possible in that amount of time. “Corner Marshals” are on hand so that if a driver were to crash/wreck and the car comes off the track, the “Corner Marshal” will put the car back on the track where it had come off and the driver gets to continue on until the 2 minutes have been completed. Once the 8 minutes have been completed, all of the lap totals are added. When the car stops after the 8 minutes, it’s position on the track is documented by sections. The “section’s” of a track are measured by feet. 1 section = 12″ of track.(1ft.)

This video is the 3rd race of the night. The 3rd heat in the 1st Qualifier. 

After the 1st qualifier, Charlie led the field with 55 laps and 66 sections.

1st Round of Qualifying

In between each race heat, the driver will be allowed his/her car so they can clean the pickup shoes and clean the tires. At this time they also need to change their “lane sticker” that will attach to the hood of the car. The lane sticker represents which lane the car will be racing in.(Yellow, Blue, White or Red lane). This helps the Corner Marshal identify where the car goes, so they can get the car on the track and the driver back in the race quicker. The driver will usually call out his/her lane color when they wreck. As seen in this next picture, Steve is cleaning his pickup shoes with his rotary Dremel and Chase is cleaning his tires with a lint roller. Other methods can be used but these are the most popular.

Cleaning their cars

Steve & Chase cleaning their cars.

-So far, Charlie is the one to beat. His car was fast and handled very well. Steve finished in 2nd place just TWO FEET behind Charlie after 8 minutes of racing!

So then I asked the guys…

*After the first qualifier wrapped up and we seen where we all finished. How did you feel heading into the 2nd qualifier?

Charlie: “Well, I felt that I would be able to continue to lead or be right in the mix, Steve was still working on his car. I knew that Danny’s car wasn’t quite as fast as it needed to be but, I also knew that Chase was picking up speed and getting used to the track. So I knew Chase was going to end up moving up as he did.”

Sean: “I had a great 1st round! I had come off a few times and my car was starting to pick up speed. The more you run these cars as time goes on, the motor brushes start to set on the com-plate evenly. I really wanted to Qualify for the A-Main. It was just a matter of staying on at this point.”

This next video is the last heat in the 2nd Qualifier.

This next picture depicts lap totals for BOTH qualifiers & “Qualifying Positions” for the “Mains”,(in Blue Ink) after the 2nd Qualifying Round.


Results after the Qualifiers!

 -The Mains-

After the Qualifying Rounds, we take both of the qualifying round lap totals and add them together. Charlie had the highest lap count with 111 laps and 56 sections. The top 3 qualifiers are automatically entered into the “A” main. They are Charlie, Steve, & Sean. We leave 1 spot open in the “A” Main. The racer that wins the “B” Main gets to move up into that spot to race for the overall win. John was not feeling well after the qualifying rounds and had to leave. This set the field for the “B” Main as Danny, Eddie, Rex, Chase & Chris.  We now race for 4 minutes per lane, for a total of 16 minutes of racing.


“B” Main lineup! from left to right Eddie, Danny, Chris & Rex! Chase was the 1st sit out!


Results of the “B” Main!

After 16 minutes of close, beating, banging, door to door intense racing, Chase drove his car the farthest covering 109 total laps with 43 sections edging out Eddie by 28ft.(sections) to capture the win in the “B” Main. Only racing with the C.O.HO.R.A. group for a couple of months, this was Chase’s 1st win in a main. Chase was in the zone and it was a great race.The stage was set to see who was going to pull off the overall victory for the race night.


The “A”Main Drivers, left to right… Charlie, Steve, Chase & Sean..

Charlie was first to pick a lane being the top qualifier. He chose the Red lane. Steve was 2nd qualifier & he picked the White lane. Sean chose the Yellow lane which put Chase on the Blue lane. The “Outside” lanes, Red & Yellow are called the “gutter lanes”. The gutter lanes are the hardest on every track. Tight corners and length make it tough on the drivers. These lanes are usually chosen first so the drivers can get them out of the way! The inside lanes are much easier to drive.

*What was the driver’s thoughts on picking the lanes to start the “A” Main??

Charlie: “Well my general consensus is, I like to get Red & Yellow lanes out of the way so I could finish up on the 2 inside lanes.”

Sean: “I started on the Yellow lane both Qualifiers. With Red & White already taken, I figured this was my best choice. That way I could just go straight through the lanes.”

As the “A” Main started, Chase pulled out front and was in the lead. This was Chase’s 1st time ever being in the “A” Main. Chase led the first 7 laps but then wrecked coming out of a turn which put Sean in the lead. 

 *1st Heat of the “A” Main, How many times did you guys come off the track?

Charlie: “Well I came off quite a bit actually, more than I probably should have. A couple times I was wrecked, I was collected into someone else’s wreck. But otherwise, it wasn’t too bad. I ended up with 26 laps, Sean on the other hand had a scorching 28laps. That tied me with Steve and put me one lap behind Chase.”

Sean: “In choosing the Yellow lane, I knew that most of the wrecks get collected into the Red lane. I raced hard and didn’t come off. There were times I had to slow down a bit to avoid a wreck or two, but managed to stay on the entire 4 minutes.”

-Heading into the 2nd Heat of the “A” Main, Lap totals were: Sean with 28 laps, Chase with 27 laps, Charlie & Steve with 26 laps. Charlie moved to the Yellow lane, Sean headed to the Blue lane.

*2nd Heat of the “A” Main, how did the next set of lanes treat the racers??

Charlie:Yellow lane was much better. I scored 27 laps on that lane. I had 3 wrecks. The problem there was, I was coming off a corner where the marshall wasn’t quick in getting me back on. It really, really hurt. Took alot of time.”

Sean:I struggled a bit on Blue. The pick up shoes on my car were starting to get a groove in them. I even had to “call track”(stop the race) & bend out my shoe a bit, so it would make more contact with the rails. I came off twice on this lane.”

*The 3rd Heat of the “A” Main, Charlie on Blue, Sean on the White lane….

Charlie: “Blue lane I knew it was going to be good and it was, it was my best lane. I actually turned 28 laps on Blue!! Sean & Chase both had 27 and Steve had 26 on Yellow. I did catch Sean by a little bit. That still put me 2 laps behind Sean and I was tied with Chase at that point. Also put me one lap ahead of Steve.”

Sean: “I had a couple more “off’s” on White. I was collected in a crash and just plain lost it heading into the turn in front of the race director. At this point I was still a lap and a half ahead of the guys. It wasn’t a “for sure” win yet! Heading into the Red lane, I was really nervous. I knew it was make or break! As cool as I tried to remain, my nerves were making me shake. It was tough trying to clean my car cause I was shaking so bad. I had to stay on and keep out of the wrecks or these guys were going to catch me!” 

Here’s how it all shook down. This next video is the last race of the night.

Chase on Yellow, Steve on Blue, Charlie on White and Sean on Red….

Who took the Victory at Full Bunny Raceway???


Money takes the checkered flag!!

It was a great night overall. Friends, Food, Fellowship & GREAT RACING!!! I was very thankful to be able to pull off the win at Eddie’s track once again. This would make my 3rd race win at Eddie’s Full Bunny Raceway! I want to thank Eddie & Wendy for having us “crazy racer dudes” over for another night of racing. I also want to thank Charlie for letting me pick his noggin on how his race night went. We hope John made it home safe & is feeling better. Can’t wait to be able to race with these guys again soon.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post!

Please leave a comment!

See you at the next one! -Money

7 thoughts on “Class Project -Blog #2

  1. Wow Money (Sean)!! This was a fun read! And though I’ve had my hand on some tracks with you, this article gave me a slot car racing experience from a totally different perspective!! A perspective anyone can experience reading this blog! 👏🏽

    Well wishes from NYC!!

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  2. Moneyman, to be really honest the first time I ever heard about slot cars was from you at your place.i remember racing that first time with the controllers shaped like guns. It was so awesome and fun. Amazing to see this blog up as well. Keep at it man, cant wait to see how your rig changes over the years. Ive seen part of its evolution and its been amazing
    Much love from Your man Shevy over the ocean in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰🇱🇰

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  3. Fantastic RaceReport Sean – looks like all that “on-air radio broadcaster time” has finally paid off !! Very well written and you made it interesting to read. Maybe the Central Ohio HO Racing Association should make you their “Race Report Reporter” ! This effort really deserves an A++

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great videos Sean…wish I could have put on a better show. I went from Top Qualifier to finishing third in the A Main! You stayed on and got became the winner of the A Main – great job!

    Liked by 1 person

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