Class Project -Data Viz

This is a very fun project for me. I am a very visual person so this is right up my alley! I am a huge, “why does this thing work the way it does nerd! Why, when, what will make things faster out on the track?”

In this “Info-graphic” you can see that we are learning about how the Indy car has made many advances throughout the years on how the air travels over the car. The author is showing us how the air flows over the car can make the car either “Lift” or the air can hit the car at a certain angle and create “Downforce”.


I really like the way that this first Data Viz shows the viewer that there is a lot more to racing than just having a bigger engine with more horsepower. A small summary in the upper left hand corner let’s us all know what the info-graphic is trying to explain. A “Legend” is in the lower left hand corner explaining the visuals that the graphic is trying to express. Well done for any race fan trying to learn about the modern advances of the sport. Also a great tool for engineers in the sport.

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This next info-graphic is also done very well. It goes indepth on how the air flows across the car and also gives percentage information on how much total downforce is applied to the surfaces of the car. I also like how in the lower left hand side  of this graphic explains the different adjustments and settings that can be achieved and on what tracks you would want to use less or more for handling purposes. Again, very detailed. This info-graphic can make a person understand quickly what is exactly happening to the race car with the current configurations and settings on the rear and front wings.

Science of the winds

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This last racing info-graphic, I found very interesting but I am not able to read a word of it. I wish that the company that designed this would make one for different languages so that way, folks like me from different countries would be able to enjoy the information that is being shared. There is quite a bit of text and it is very small which is hard to read. But overall a ton of information about an F1 car and the changes made with aerodynamics to the car.



I often wonder if aerodynamics affect the way my slot cars handle. I would have to think 100% that it does. I do in fact know that weight distribution is a major factor when it comes to handling on our little cars.. Different bodies do race differently on the same chassis when compared to each other. I wish I could make a 1:64 scale wind tunnel to see if it actually does make a difference!! Who’s with me???lol

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Okay, this one is downright comical but very informational….Enuf said….  🙂