Box Stock Tjet

Ford J car

One of Skip’s 1st original ThunderJets. A great friend of mine, he gave me this car for Christmas back in 2016! What a guy!

Hi! Thanks for lQQking!!! This page is dedicated to show you how to make a “Box Stock” TJet quicker without doing any modifications to it what so ever. These are the most common and simple adjustments! I am going to refer to this page often as a “starting point” for all of the classes that I am going to try to show you! 🙂


~ Introduction ~

~ Guide Pin Installation ~

~ Pre-(VRP)Dyno Test ~

As seen in the video, the skinny TJet tires would not “hook up” onto the Dyno wheel! Even I learned something by making these video’s! If you don’t have a Dyno for your slot cars, I strongly recommend purchasing one. It is a great tool that provides information.

~ Removing the Top Plate ~

~ Using the VRP Comm Tool ~

~ Cleaning the Chassis ~

~ Brush Work ~

~ Oiling Up the Chassis ~

~ The End Result ~

The car sounds MUCH better. Smoother and runs faster. I couldn’t get the tires to hook up on the Dyno. Also You could see where I missed out all the dirt and hair on the rear of the chassis… I’ll clean that up!! I wish my front camera would have focused better!!

~ Box Stock Chassis Review ~

Dont be SHY!!! Leave some comments!! Come one come All!!! Let’s have some fun with this people!! We are trying to educate and make it easy on new folks coming into this wonderful hobby of Aurora ThunderJet Slot Car Racing!!!

Thanks to all of the Parts & Tools distributors, contributors & developers!!

See you at the race!! -Money

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