TJet/Dash Rivet Repair

Dash Iroc Chevelle’s

This page is “Rrrrrr-ivetting”!!!….  The above pictured are Dash chassis (IROC Colors -except green-), Balls out rear rims and tires, Balls out front ends, slot tech brushes… These are wicked quick. I noticed yellow wasn’t as fast as the rest. As I took it apart I noticed one of the brush tensioner rivet wiggled..

I am using a black chassis for my “green lane car”. I couldn’t grab a green chassis…

Rivet is barely hanging on…

Rivets make the electrical connection from the shoes to the motor brushes. There are 3 small pieces of copper from shoe to brush. If they aren’t tight, you will not get full power to the motor OR it could make the car intermittent at times..

. As much as I wished I could’ve waited to get one of Joe’s Rivet Tools at FLR Products, I wanted to get back to racing and come up with a quick solution with tools we already have in our pit boxes.. The tools I used? Small Vise, a Finish Nail, a not so pointy dremel bit & a set of side cuts(as a hammer)…

Line up which rivet you want to tighten first and set it onto the dremel bit.

Once you have set the car onto the bit, take the nail (head down) and set it on the top side of the rivet. This is on the inside where the motor and magnets set…

Steady it the best you can. I tapped on it with a pair of side cuts. They worked well for me. DO NOT TAP TOO HARD! You might damage the plastic/chassis. Make sure you line up the nail head with the rivet also!! 🙂

Reap the rewards with a quicker TJet/Dash chassis… Makes me wonder how many other of my chassis need a bit of a “Tech-NTune”???

FINISHED!!!! Thanks for checking this out! Please ask questions or leave a comment! Thanks!

3 thoughts on “TJet/Dash Rivet Repair

  1. Nice work.. Luv to see people use ingenuity before just throwing money at something. I’ve been doing mine with this type method for some years now.. a ground flat top finish nail in a vice and tap tap to tighten rivets; a rounded off point nail for the inside , chassis on a thick piece of metal(hard surface) similar to the 4th pic from nail tool; many AFX chassis also have loose rivets.


  2. Good job Sean, way to use your noggin. Don’t think I would have thought of the nail and dremel tool. Have used pliers as a hammer before.

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