Columbus Ohio HO Slot Car Club

One Saturday morning, Sean was going off-roading with his friend Rex. On Mar. 22nd, 2003 while on their way to the off-roading site, there was a pickup truck headed in the opposite direction. On the front windshield of the pickup truck in BIG letters were the words Sean said “Wow!!! That is cool right there, I am going to have to go online and check that site out when we get back tonight”.

 Little did Sean know that this was going to be the start of his TJet career..

My 1st TJet:

1st jet

My 1st Tjet! It is an American line Thunderbird that I painted up. Penske/Rusty/Miller Lite Livery

Slot car racing was still alive and well in Columbus Ohio! This group introduced Sean to the type of track you see above. MaxTrax Scale Racing! Made out of a “signage” material and comes in longer lengths. This tracks racing surface is much smoother. This style of track is the “Grand-daddy” of all slot car tracks.

The original black plastic track(Aurora, Tyco, Tomy, LifeLike) comes in smaller sections and is harder to make smooth. Plus the lane width is skinnier which makes for more beating and banging as seen below.

LifeLike Track

Plastic LifeLike Slot Car Track

Speaking of beating and banging, this group of awesome racers did just that and a lot of it! Smack talking and in your face racing. This group lifted Sean off the ground when it came to TJet racing. They raced on many different styles of track and at a bunch of different places and venues. COLOHHOSCC was also where Sean was amde aware that there was organized slot car racing all over the country. This lead Sean to more parts, better tools and the group’s knowledge of these “little cars” was simply amazing.

Sean and his race box.

This picture was taken back in 2003. We were racing up in Powell Ohio at the “Palace”!

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