HO Pro Series Circuit

HO Pro Series Circuit

HO Pro Series Circuit

Our leaderboard on the left. The Racing Crew on the right.. Many laughs and great times with these guys through the years.

Shortly after Sean purchased his first Slot Car Track , he joined up with a group of his closest his friends and they created a slot car club. The HO Pro Series Circuit. This started Sean’s “not-so” professional slot car career! Each week the Club would get together and race many different classes in an evening. These classes included: Stock TYCO 440, unlimited TYCO 440, Stock LifeLike, unlimited LifeLike, Stock Super G-Plus, unlimited Super G-Plus, TYCO (narrow chassis) Corvettes and Indy bodies. 

HO Pro Series Circuit

This was the last schedule to date.

At the time the group had 5 tracks, They raced every couple of weeks. A great group of “good ole’ boys”. This was “back in the day” before the internet existed so all communication was through phone calls and the US postal service. Parts were very hard to find at the time for these “little cars”. The group was able to find parts at just a couple of hobby store’s, Tom Thumb Hobbies and John’s Hobby Shop

After a couple of guys in the group changed jobs and activities, priorities started to change in the club for racing. Sadly, the HO Pro Series Circuit dissolved. However, it still is alive today in our hearts! We are all still great friends & that will never change but like all great things, they must come to an end sometime..

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