HO Racing Groups

So…. You have a TON of HO slot cars and are looking to get back into racing them?? Maybe you are just getting into slot cars and need a place to race them?? Or, you are headed on a week long vacation with your in-laws & need desperately to find a racing group to get away for at least one night and get your racing fix on!?! Well, you have found the right place! 

 Once again, THE FIRST OF IT”S KIND!!! Here you’ll find all of the HO Racing groups across America! Simply click on the picture below. It will send you to MapHub! Choose any of the “points” and information should “pop-up” with the groups name and a link to their Race Group! 


!!!Copy and paste this link so you can share easily on any social media!!!


Thanks for taking the time to check out this page & I 100% hope that you can find a group to race with if you don’t have one already… Or when you are on vacation, get a hold of the group in the town you’ll be staying & create some great racing fellowship!!

Please leave a comment!

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