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Sean Moneypenny


Sean Moneypenny is high spirited, self motivated and makes it a priority in keeping your budget in mind. Possesses 29 years of customer service, installation and repair experience. Provides support and solutions to correct H.V.A.C/R DDC Controls and Mechanical problems that resolve in reducing energy use and repair costs effectively. Focused on up time and eliminating downtime.

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Sean works directly with the customer as well as mechanical and electrical contractors, to repair the facilities/homeowners equipment by solving problems on-site. Utilizing his Building Automation, H.V.A.C.R., Electrical and Plumbing experiences with leadership skills in managing; Correcting problems and handling all your service needs.


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    • Awesome Tom!! I did link the thhop site. Wasn’t aware of the other one! I’ll get that one on there soon!!! Miss ya! Hope to be out your way soon..!! Sean


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  2. Howdy from Antarctica! It’s a little cold down here, but we have lots of gentoo penguins and leopard seals. Today, here on Culverville Island, we have had lots of humpback whale sightings! You’ll have to visit some time.

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