Parts & Tools


Over the years suppliers & tool makers across the country have heard the cry of us slot car racers, for the demand of better/faster slot car parts & the dire need for tools to take apart & re-assemble these “little cars”!!! 

MANY THANKS! For all of your continued support to our hobby!

With out these folks, our cars wouldn’t be competitive & all of our knuckles & fingers would be bloodied with all the pinning and pressing that we use to do with hammers, picks, & hand tools. These Parts & Tools not only help make our cars faster but also keeps us from bending and destroying chassis’s, top plates, gears, tires and rims!!! Below are the listed folks that make our Slot Car Hobby what it is today!

Click on a picture below to be taken directly to their website!!!


Scale Engineering



1 stop



*I have been given authorization and permission to use all company logos and site “links” from the owner of the companies listed above.* THE HOME DEPOT© falls under the “fair use” copyright law.(Images are “labelled for reuse”)


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