Slotcar Fanatic Bio

Money’s Slot Car Addiciton

In the early 1990’s, Sean purchased his first slot car set.

Sean’s first Slot Car Set :

Tyco 440 4 Lane Race Set

Sean’s 1st Slot Car Set!

Still has the cars today!:

Money's 1st Cars!

Sean’s 1st set of Slot cars! Still hav’em!

At first, Sean had set up many different layouts with this set. Married in 1996, Sean and his wife Jill moved into their first apartment in Canal Winchester Ohio. This is where Sean’s love for his wife & these “little cars” grew.

"The Rock"

The Rock! Sean’s 1st competitive slot car track!

Here is a picture of Sean’s first competitive slot car race track. It was a 4′ x 12′ “D-shaped” Oval. He named this track  “The Rock”. It was designed after the NASCAR track that is located in Rockingham South Carolina, The Rock!

Back in 1998, Sean and Jill moved into their home and Sean built a new track. The track table had 3 tracks total on it. A HO Scale 24′ x 24′ x 14′ Tri-Oval(Pocono). Though it had changed many times throughout the years, this track started out as all LifeLike track.

The Pocono Monster:

The Pocono Monster

Sean’s 2nd competitive Slot Car Track

In 2005, Sean converted the turns to Tomy(AFX) and customized the track by cutting it, making it smoother but also made it “tricky”, In between the Tri-Oval and the road course was a 1/32 Scalextric track. And the ever so challenging “Pocono” Road course which was made from all Tomy(AFX) track!

Money Wins!

Money wins on the Pocono Monster Tri-Oval!!

The last race on the Pocono Monster, Sean was able to pull off the sweet victory! It was his only win in that many years on his track. A great way to end an era of what was just a BEAST of a track. Folks had a love/hate relationship with the Old Pocono track. Safe to say they love racing on the new one much better!! 🙂





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